Social Entrepreneur Characteristic

Do you have what it takes to become a social entrepreneur

A lot of people talk about things they like to see change in this world. But not everyone does it. There are people who does however. They are the people known as Social Entrepreneur.

6 Things that social entrepreneur  shares in common.

1.They see something wrong in this world and they accept it as the one who will solve the problem and make a better community.

2. They are really good in finding a creative way to solve problem. They understand that the problem still exist because the old way of solving it did not work.

3.Social Entrepreneurs are flexible and willing to make changes on their plans so that they can achieve success and goals. It’s been said that 90% of successful business starts with the wrong business plan so it’s okay to adjust.

4. Social Entrepreneurs are really good in bringing in different people with different ideas, plans and skills and collective ideas and create a diverse ideas.

5. They are not in it only for the money. Social Entrepreneurs are not trying to become millionaires but tries to improve the lives of millions of people. Its about using a business to put right the problems in the society and making a difference and making a better community.

6. Social Entrepreneurs are exited in the difference that they are making. They excite themselves and the people who are subject of this difference and the Social Entrepreneurs devote their whole life for this whole act to make a better world for all of us even the entrepreneur who just want it for their own.