In this page you would learn something about social entrepreneurship what is it and how is it can be applied in real life.

Let’s start by explaining what is social entrepreneurship. We’ll start by contrasting it with normal entrepreneurship and charity.

Example there is man named Jonathan who live in a far away and he can’t find a job and his family is starving. There are 3 ways to solve his problem.


  1. Normal Entrepreneurship
    This could be building a cheap supermarket to sell cheap foods but still cannot sell so will lose all money and family is still starving.
  2. Charity
    If someone tried to help but this condition doesn’t last and will only continue to go on as long as the charity goes on. But at the end of the day they will be starving again.
  3. Social Entrepreneurship
    This is teaching Jonathan to raise up food for his family while helping him to raise money for himself.
    Example is allowing him to raise vegetables in his backyard or raising chicken and pigs in a poultry. By this he can feed his family with enough food and garnering money by selling what he sow to make money.


Simply to put in. Teaching man how to fish and let him become responsible for it. Not only can he feed his family but can still generate a lump sum of cash for emergency needs.